• History History PT Gresik Cipta Sejahtera (GCS) was build at 1972, is a company that work under PT Petrokimia Gresik environtment, that it shared by Yayasan Petrokimia Gresik (YPG) and Koperasi Karyawan Keluarga Besar Petrokimia Gresik.
  • Vision Mission and Value Vision Mission and Value to be a company that improving and developing. PT Gresik Cipta Sejahtera create vision mission and value that always be a main course to developing and improving all the time.
  • Quality Policy Quality Policy Policy and decision of our manager to raise company's value such as achieving ISO 9001:2000
  • Management Management The important persons that bring PT Gresik Cipta Sejahtera achieve goals and keep succeed until 40 years counted from 1972.Pihak-pihak penting yang ada di balik kesuksesan PT Gresik Cipta Sejahtera yang membawa perusahaan tetap berjaya hingga 40 tahun lebih, sejak didirikan.
  • Company's Performance Company's Performance A statistic that describe our improvement through the time that used to measure and as indicators of company's success factor
  • Contact Us Contact Us Know more about PT Gresik Cipta Sejahtera to gain information about us, ordering product (fertilizers), or to build a partnership.


Company's Performance

The company performance is found to be increasing every year. Turnover in 2009 to adjust the conditions of commodity prices which has decreased from the previous year.
An internal analysis shows that the company has a huge opportunity to develop in the future as shown in the graphic of the company developmnet within the last 5 years below :


Development of Earning After Tax


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