• Company Development Company Development The company's efforts to improve the quality and value of companies to be competitive and becoming a trusted partner
  • Human Resource Development Human Resource Development Development of the company to improve the quality of human resources and capabilities to be able to assist and support companies to achieve goals


Company Development


PT Gresik Cipta Sejahtera is persistent to develop in line with the global business development and potential that lies within the company. It is expected that through such efforts, the company has the capacity to deal with the current and future conditions internally as well as externally. Therefore, PT Gresik Cipta Sejahtera is able to meet the market demands to be the qualified and reliable trading company. Further, PT Gresik Cipta Sejahtera will have the competitive advantages leading to being able to compete optimally.
To achieve the objectives that mentioned before, the company development is focusing on :
Improving the competitiveness through enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency including the quality of services.
Expanding the market in domestic and global (export), among others through a veriety of product promotion & socialization, demonstration plots of fertilizers application, as well asapproaches to the plantation companies and smallholders.
Try to increase the number of supply and resources from the other producers. In order to prevent the customers to depending on one supplier and to guarantee the continuity of the supply chain in the market.
Strenghten our company as the producer of Organic Fertilizers and Compound Fertilizer (NPK), and do the product diversification to fulfill the need of the customers.
Developing organic fertilizers industry as an agribusiness's 'cluster' to gain the better relationship to farmer around the facility.


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