Characteristic :
• Is an element P (Phosphorus) and N (Nitrogen) that what plants need in addition to K (Potassium)
• Contains element P (Phosphorus) 46% and N (Nitrogen) 18% that almost soluble in water so its efficient and effective
• Grain shaped with grayish dust, and not sticky, so its easily to apply, and can be used as a main fertilizer or supplementary
• Not higroscopic so it able to stored at storage in the plenty long time with nice storage


Superiority :
• Make the parts of plant, especially leaf more fresh green because contained with a lot of chlorophyll
• Stimulates plant growth (Height, Seedlings, leaf's wide, etc)
• Increase level of protein crops
Stimulates root growth and establishment of a good root system, so that plant growth becomes strong and healthy
• Increasing plant's disease ressistance
• Pace the plants generative growth with flower blooming faster and so does the fruit readiness





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