Superiority :
Θ Improve physical and chemical soil properties of the bottom layer (subsoil)
Θ Improve conditions for plant roots
Θ Improve the effectiveness of fertilization
Specification :
• CaO : 31,0% min
• SO3 : 44,0 min
• P2O5 : 0,8% max
• H2O : 30,0% max
• Shape : Powder
• Colour : Brownish white
Purpose :
• Have a high solubility, so calcium and sulfate that decomposes can move into the bottom layer (subsoil) so able to consequently improve soil acidity and lower levels of Al-dd to a depth of 80 cm
• Improve the physical properties of soil, especially acidic subsoil that improve soil structure and increase the size of soil aggregate and stability aggregate and soil porosity
• Fix plant roots, so plants get a supply of nutrients and better water
• Gypsum is a source of nutrients Ca and S that ready to use
• Gypsum use of 3 tonnes / ha in the first planting (Plant Cane) gives a marked influence on the production of sugarcane in the cane plant or ratoon

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